What Is VISIA Skin Analysis?

The VISIA skin analysis at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center system takes the guesswork out of developing the skin care regimen and treatment plan that is best for you. It is a painless, simple and quick in-office procedure that uses imaging techniques to help you create an effective plan for your skin type. Best of all, it is completely safe for all ages. Below, Dr. Dennis Bucko describes how the VISIA system works: 

What VISIA Looks For 

Through multispectral imaging, the VISIA system records and compares valuable data on several factors that contribute to your skin’s health:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Pores and texture
  • Redness and evenness in tone (changes in your complexion’s color)
  • UV spots and brown spots (sun damage)
  • Porphyrins (bacteria in pores)

The Procedure

Completely painless and very quick, the VISIA system will take just a few minutes to photograph and completely analyze your skin. A computerized camera will scan the surface of your face, rotating to capture a complete representation of the frontal, left and right views. A database of thousands of other patients’ scans will be used as a basis for comparison to help determine what products are best suited to your skin’s relative age. Using the information obtained by the camera, our aesthetician Courtney Toland will consult with you to ensure you understand the results of the read-out and compare your skin health to others your age and discuss possible treatment options with you.

Other Benefits

After your VISIA analysis, you will be given a full printout of your imaging. This not only will provide a window into your overall skin condition, but also will include percentile scores compared to the database and a skin type detector that helps determine your exact tone. Results of your analysis will be saved and can be easily compared to any future analysis to monitor changes in your skin’s health. An age simulation feature can be employed to show how your spots and wrinkles may progress over the next five to seven years.

Our skin is the organ most affected by daily exposure to sun and other environmental factors. It’s important to keep it healthy by developing a daily skin care regimen. To schedule an appointment for a VISIA analysis with Dr. Dennis Bucko or our aesthetician, call Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center at (858) 453-8484.