Lip Augmentation in San Diego

Full, Soft-Looking Lips

Women that are bothered by small, thin or flat lips have plenty of options for lip augmentation with Dr. Dennis Bucko of Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center. Certain treatment options are intended as a temporary solution, while others yield permanent results. Dr. Bucko works with each patient on an individual basis to design an appropriate plan of treatment. Then, using the selected treatment, he artistically fills, shapes, and softens the lips for a more beautiful smile.

More about Lip Augmentation

Lip Injections in San DiegoLip augmentation is designed for patients that have always had thin lips, and patients whose lips have thinned due to the natural aging process. The lips may be asymmetrical or uneven. Lip augmentation adds plumpness and definition for a fuller smile. Treatment may improve the shape of the mouth. Augmenting the lips can also help minimize an excessively “gummy” smile (meaning too much of the gums show); with fuller lips, the gums display less prominently. Either subtle or dramatic results can be achieved, depending on the specific patient’s goals. Lip augmentation can also reduce the appearance of fine lip lines.

There are many ways to augment the lips. The best option will depend on factors such as the patient’s cosmetic goals and their timeframe for recovery. Techniques can also be combined for the best results.

Individual results may vary

Injectable Fillers

Injectable filler products (e.g., Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma) are a minimally invasive way to temporarily augment the lips. Fillers composed of biocompatible materials are injected into the lips to add volume and shape. The injections are quick, convenient and not painful. The results last several months. Treatment may be repeated periodically to maintain the results.

Fat Graft

San Diego Cosmetic Lip InjectionsAnother minimally invasive way to augment the lips is through a technique called “dermal fat graft.” Excess fat and skin is extracted from an area of the body and grafted into the lips to enhance their shape and fullness.

Since the patient’s own fat is used, there is very little chance of an adverse reaction. One drawback is that the body can naturally absorb some of the fat. In anticipation of this, the lips may be slightly overcorrected during the initial procedure, or a secondary procedure may need to be performed several months later to achieve the desired correction. The results are generally long-lasting. Dr. Bucko prefers using the skin and fat which is usually discarded during a facelift, breast lift, or abdominoplasty.

Individual results may vary

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If you are interested in achieving fuller, sexier lips with lip augmentation, Dr. Bucko would be happy to speak with you about the available options. Contact Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care to make an appointment with him.