Brow Lift Surgery in San Diego

Elevate a Sagging Brow and Smooth Forehead Wrinkles

Brow Lift Surgery San DiegoIndividuals that desire a more relaxed and youthful appearance in the forehead and eye area may benefit from a brow lift with Dr. Dennis Bucko at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center. Dr. Bucko is the La Jolla plastic surgeon of choice for beautiful, natural looking facial plastic surgery results. He encourages anyone who is bothered by a low, sagging forehead or brow line, excess upper eyelid “hooding”, or noticeable frown lines between the eyebrows, to learn more about brow lift and what it can achieve.

Experience Matters in Brow Lift

There is no substitute for experience, and Dr. Bucko has been a practicing plastic surgeon for more than 35 years. He understands the natural, age-related deterioration within the brow and forehead area, and how subtle surgical tweaks can reverse these effects and restore a beautiful expression. Not only is Dr. Bucko technically skilled, he also has a carefully refined standard of beauty, thanks to his experience as an artist and a sculptor. When performed correctly, brow lift provides long-lasting results and leaves only minimal scarring concealed within the hairline. Dr. Bucko has had advanced training and experience in browlift and eyelid surgery.

Individual results may vary

The Brow Lift Procedure in San Diego

Brow lift is designed to correct the following imperfections in the brow and forehead:

  • A low, sagging or asymmetrical brow line
  • Hooding above the upper eyes
  • Furrows or frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead

San Diego Brow Lift DoctorDuring brow lift, hooded or drooping eyebrows are raised to a symmetrical and youthful position, and wrinkles, lines and furrows are smoothed. These changes give the face a more youthful, rested and pleasant appearance. This may also eliminate the need for upper eyelid surgery.

The specific surgical steps vary, based on the needs of the specific patient. Typically, the tissue and muscle underneath the skin are adjusted to smooth visible creases and furrows on the forehead. The brow and forehead skin is lifted, as needed.

While making the surgical modifications, Dr. Bucko prefers a conservative approach. Over-correcting the face can lead to a surprised or unnatural appearance. To avoid this, Dr. Bucko carefully studies the patient’s face and facial expressions during the pre-operative planning stage. Then, as he works, he is careful to preserve the unique beauty of the patient. The degree of lifting is planned carefully before surgery with the patient’s input to avoid the “surprised look” that many patients fear.

Individual results may vary

Brow lift can be combined with additional facial procedures to target other areas of the face. For example, if the mid-face region sags or creases, or the lower face has developed jowls and an inelegant contour, brow lift may be combined with facelift and/or neck lift, depending on the specific concerns. Combining procedures provides all-over rejuvenation for a more beautiful face.

Schedule a Brow Lift Consultation with Dr. Bucko

If you are troubled by a sagging brow or noticeable wrinkles between the eyes or on your forehead, brow lift might help improve your looks and confidence. Dr. Bucko invites you to schedule a brow lift consultation at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center to discuss the procedure in more detail. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.