Breast Augmentation in San Diego

Providing Breast Implants for La Jolla Patients

San Diego Breast AugmentationThousands of women have sought out San Diego cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dennis Bucko for his expertise in breast augmentation. Dr. Bucko is a leading breast implant surgeon who understands the connection between a woman’s sense of self and her breast appearance. With an exceptional eye for artistry and outstanding surgical skills, Dr. Bucko is highly in-demand. After surgery, his breast augmentation patients enjoy larger, shapelier breasts and a surge in self-confidence.

Breast augmentation is designed to improve the size and shape of naturally small, flat or asymmetrical breasts or breasts that have suffered unwanted effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging. A truly talented surgeon like Dr. Bucko is able to augment the breasts in a way that looks naturally beautiful.

What Dr. Bucko Considers the Ideal Breast

Dr. Bucko is a San Diego plastic surgeon who is well known for a concept he refers to as the “ideal breast.” The ideal breast varies by woman and specifically refers to the breast size and shape that makes her feel the best.

Individual results may vary

Dr. Bucko collaborates with each patient and discusses her concerns, lifestyle, goals and other relevant factors. Then, the patient is sent home with an Enhance sizing kit containing a special bra with various implant inserts to try out under her clothes for two weeks. She is able to “test drive” different sizes to find the ideal implant that best meets her aesthetic goals and lifestyle needs. With the chance to preview the outcomes, most patients are very satisfied with the long-term results.

More about Breast Augmentation in San Diego

Breast Implant Surgery San DiegoLa Jolla plastic surgeon, Dr. Bucko has performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures in San Diego with great success. He is trained in the most advanced surgical techniques to give patients the customized results they desire. In addition to simply increasing the size of the breasts, he is also able to lift the breasts into a more desirable, youthful looking position, provide fullness in the upper portion of the breast and improve the appearance of the nipples, if needed. Dr. Bucko has extensive experience with the newer form-stable “Gummy Bear” implants. These implants can often give a more natural look to the upper breast shape or create a more lifted look than the traditional implants.

A breast augmentation operation involves placing silicone implants in front of or behind the chest muscle (depending on the amount of existing breast tissue). Implants are inserted through an incision around the nipple or in the breast crease. They may be round or teardrop shaped, according to the patient’s desired result.

Individual results may vary

After a swift recovery, the breasts look larger and fuller. Typically, round implants provide more fullness on top of the breast, giving the breasts a “push-up bra” look that many women covet. On the other hand, teardrop-shaped implants have a gently sloping curve that closely mimics a natural breast shape. Patients are encouraged to discuss their personal breast shape preference with Dr. Bucko during the pre-operative planning stage, so he can ensure the chosen implants provide the desired results.

Individual results may vary

Breast augmentation can be combined with breast lift techniques to reposition sagging breasts higher on the chest wall. This combination is popular in mommy makeover treatment plans designed to address pregnancy and breastfeeding-related problems.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in San Diego?

Breast Augmentation cost will vary from patient to patient depending on a number of factors including size and type of implant (saline vs silicone), whether the procedure is a primary augmentation or a restorative surgery, and the experience level of the surgeon. On average, San Diego breast augmentation patients should expect to pay between $4,500 and $5,500 for saline implants and between $5,500 and $6,500 for silicone implants. During your pre-op consultation, Dr. Bucko will provide you with a personal price quote depending on your aesthetic goals.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation

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