Common Facelift Questions

Questions to Ask Your Facelift Surgeon

Your facelift consultation is the ideal time to have all of your pressing questions about the procedure and your plastic surgeon answered. Asking certain questions can help you get the most out of your appointment. To guide you through this conversation, plastic surgeon Dennis Bucko suggests a few questions to ask. Read more

Monique’s Story | Breast Augmentation

For years, Monique considered having a breast augmentation to enhance the size of her breasts, but it wasn’t until she started working for Dr. Bucko that she finally decided to take the next step. In this interview, you will learn why Monique’s experience with Dr. Bucko as her surgeon made the wait worthwhile.

You mentioned you had been considering breast surgery for ten years; what held you back?

When I first started to consider breast surgery, I had a consultation with a doctor who wasn’t very professional or thorough. The consultation was short- he had me try on implants, told me what size he thought I should choose, and that was basically it. I didn’t feel comfortable with his recommendation and lack of information he gave. After that, I thought may it’d be best to leave my breasts alone.


What made you finally decide to have surgery after all those years?

When I started working for Dr. Bucko, I had a first-hand experience with watching his patients go through the procedure. Dr. Bucko consultation style was much more appealing to me. He really takes the time to understand what you want and don’t want, and thoroughly explains what to expect. In addition to letting me try on implants at my appointment, he let me take them home so I could get really comfortable with how much larger I wanted to be. I felt empowered that he gave me the tools and resources necessary to choose and feel comfortable with my size.


How/why did you choose your size?

Sizing was the hardest part for me so I literally tried them on and wore them around several times before I chose a size. I went back and forth between two sizes so I finally ended up choosing the size right in the middle. I took many things into consideration such as, how active I am, that I didn’t really want to have to change shirt sizes, or look top-heavy. I made sure that all my dresses and tops would still fit with the implants that I was considering.


So, are you happy with the size?

I’m SO happy with my size. They fit my body perfectly and my clothes still fit.


Did having breast sx make you feel any different about your body/ yourself?

Yes, having surgery made me much more confident, with and without clothes. I actually used to cover my breasts quite a bit in front of my finacé.


How did you feel the first time you wore a bathing suit or the outfit you’ve always been wanting to fill out?

I went to Cabo exactly 2 weeks after surgery and I have to admit, I felt a little self-conscious because I wasn’t used to anyone ever looking at them and they were extra perky since I had just had surgery, and I also just wasn’t used to them yet. But now, I absolutely LOVE wearing a bikini and I definitely wear tops and dresses that I would never have worn before.


What was your significant other’s reaction?

My finacé loves them. He was skeptical at first but once he saw them he was very pleased.


How was your recovery during the first week?

My recovery during the first week was a lot better than I thought it would be. I expected to be sore, but the pain was bearable with the help of the pain medication and muscle relaxers prescribed by Dr. Bucko. The most significant adjustment was how tired I felt; I slept a lot during that first week. After a couple of days, I thought I would feel okay shopping, but afterward, I was more tired than I expected. During the first few weeks of my recovery, I was cautious when around other people because I was nervous someone would bump into me, so I was protective of my chest. Other than that, my recovery was very easy.


Who took care of you?

My finacé took care of me mostly. My mom came down for a couple of days but it wasn’t even necessary. I bathed myself and washed my own hair very carefully two days post-op.


Any regrets?

I totally thought that I would miss my small breasts because I didn’t ever really hate my breasts. But I have NO regrets and have not missed them once!


Any advice for anyone else seeking breast augmentation?

Try on the implants, wear them around, and definitely experiment with trying on LARGER implants than you think you want. Most importantly, choose a great doctor, like Dr. Bucko.



Learn More About Breast Augmentation

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