Will a Breast Implant Lift My Breast?

As a trusted San Diego breast surgeon, Dr. Dennis Bucko fields a variety of questions and inquiries from potential candidates. A common concern among many is noticeable breast sagging and what can be done to correct it. Some women believe that placing breast implants can help to lift sagging breasts. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true in all cases. Dr. Bucko explains more here.

What Implants Can/Cannot Do

When this question comes up in consultation, Dr. Bucko likes to start the conversation by explaining what breast implants can and cannot accomplish, and learn what the patient expects from surgery.

Implants can fill out a small amount of loose skin on the breast, but will not actually lift the nipples on the breast.

Implants alone can fill up loose skin and round out the breast but they cannot actually lift the breast or reposition the breast tissue. They also cannot fill out extremely loose breast skin. In cases of significant breast ptosis (droop), placing implants only serves to create the appearance of bigger and saggier breasts.

Do I Need a Lift with My Implants?

There is no way for Dr. Bucko to advise a woman of her options without meeting her, discussing her specific concerns and expectations, and examining the anatomy of her breasts. He may take measurements of the distance between the nipple and breast fold to help him determine whether a patient can achieve her results with the placement of implants or whether she also needs a breast lift. Certain women can achieve their desired cosmetic outcomes with a breast lift alone.

Breast augmentation and breast lift are often combined into one operation. The advantage to combining them is that it requires only one operation, round of anesthesia, facility fees and recovery period. On the other hand, some patients choose to start by having breast augmentation only; and then later — after they have had an opportunity to assess the benefits of the implants — they have a lift to improve the breast and nipple position.

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